Level 3 Communications

Creating Industry Buzz

Client: Level 3
Event Type: Annual Sales Meeting

• To generate buzz among industry analysts
• To give company executives a chance to tell
othe Level 3 technology story.

Level 3 needed to raise their visibility with the top
telecommunication industry opinion makers in a credible and impactful way


With a very short lead time, Creative Presentations interviewed high-level executives at Skype, Charter Communications, Earthlink, AOL, and Yahoo! In order to craft customer testimonial videos used as “roll-ins” to support executive presentations. Once the video was recorded, our production team edited the videos together in just 48 hours at the event site, the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

After the event, we repackaged the media created for the briefing and made it available on DVD.

Creative Presentation Services:
• Set, Staging, and Room Decor
• Speaker Support Media
• Video Roll in
• Post-event DVD

In one morning, over 750 top analysts were briefed on the benefits of Level 3 technology. Company representatives then repurposed media created for the briefing on DVD for internal use.