Wind River

Sales Meeting Shoot Out

Client: Wind River
Event Type: Annual Sales Meeting

• To educate the sales force on new products
• To energize the sales force to work together
aas one team

After a major acquisition, Wind River management
wanted a thrilling way to integrate former
competitors, brining them together as one team.


As the lights dimmed at the Scottsdale Conference Center in Arizona, 700 sales reps watched a video roll in of an old west gunfight staged in a desert ghost town. The lone survivors were the national sales managers of both companies. Joining forces, they rode out of town together toward the hotel property.

Attendees were then surprised to see the managers live in costume and on horseback ride through the ballroom doors and into the audience. The horses took the roar of the crowd in stride as the event began. The event continued over 4 days and included 25 breakout sessions.

Creative Presentation Services:
• Theme
• Set & Staging
• Live Performances
• Breakout Sessions
• Video Roll In

The two sales teams were trained on each other’s product solutions and experienced a memorable event that excited them to work together to achieve their aggressive sales goals.